I, too, am UW-Madison

"I, too, am UW-Madison" is a response to the "I, too, am Harvard" photo campaign. As the Harvard project spread through the multicultural student body at UW-Madison, many of us felt as though we were facing the same struggles and experiences. We want to call attention to the assumptions and questions we have received and observed from interactions with our peers and colleagues. We hope this will serve as a demonstration that the experiences of students of color at Harvard and Oxford resonate across campuses in the Midwest, like at Iowa State, and most likely can be echoed throughout the nation. We hope this campaign will lead to serious discussions about race on our campus, and on campuses nationwide.

I can’t change the advantages unfairly given to me because of my race. I can respect the dignity of all, take responsibility to correct any oppressive comments others might make, monitor how my actions affect others, and be an advocate for racial equality. Together, we can end racial inequality. What can you do?